The Fine Art of Toddler Moccassins

As a new parent, it can feel like those first few years are an eternity: sleepless nights, diaper changes, feedings, crying for unknown reasons and a plethora of other situations that are unique to every family. There is a transition that happens when a baby becomes a toddler – which is generally defined as the short time when a baby is learning to walk, but is still quite unsteady – and everyone in the household goes through their own changes. The real baby proofing has to happen, and more serious thought into things like toddler moccasins and reading to your child are part of normal conversations.

Sizing Up Or Sizing Down

Toddler Moccasins

Toddler moccasins or shoes are sometimes the first set of footwear that a child wears. When it comes to young and new parents, money is usually an issue, and it is much more budget-friendly to worry about simple socks or just letting the feet be free rather than buying shoes every couple of months.

For many couples, having moccasins or shoes is just seen as an accessory, and something that is fun to add to the outfit. But, there is a little bit of uncertainty when it comes to sizing. Because baby’s and toddler’s feet grow so quickly and there is so much at stake in the long run if the feet are treated properly, you don’t want to get it wrong. The safer bet, in almost all cases is to go just a little big; in this way, the toes aren’t being cramped and the foot isn’t unnecessarily being cramped into a too tight of a space.

Without question, you don’t want to go too big, especially when the toddler is starting to stand up on their own and gradually learning to walk since this could become a tripping hazard or gives false feedback through the foot as they are gaining a true grasp of walking. Think about how much we depend on our feet and the input that comes through them:

  • when the toes are employed more, balance to unleveled ground is happening
  • sharp or uncomfortable pain signifies an obstacle
  • instability in the ankles is perceived by different pressure points on the foot
  • vibrations in the ground or floor can be detected

Breathing Is Essential

Toddler Moccasins

It goes without saying that air and breathing are crucial to life and existence, but we don’t always understand that our bodies and skin need to breathe, too. The same goes for toddler’s feet: their feet are help to regulate the body’s temperature, their feet sweat as part of this process, natural toughing and calluses need to develop and learned behaviors are established.

Covering a toddler’s foot doesn’t need to be shodded all day long, in fact it is highly recommended that toddlers have copious amounts of time running free. There is a strengthening within the foot, ankle and leg that comes about when they are barefooted.

Also, important to remember is that their feet are sensitive to hot, cold, pain and discomfort. As such, it is very important that you are keen to these situations, such as if they are playing outside and it begins to warm up, they might get blisters or burns. The same is true with cold conditions or if there are things like Legos or even dog food. There are appropriate times to make sure they are wearing their favorite moccasins.

Other Developmental Factors

Toddler Moccasins

The feet are far from the only element you should be concerned about; there are other developmental component to think about. Though impossible to do everything that every pediatrician and child developmental specialists lists, implementing some habits and practices help your baby and toddler to grow up with the best possible influences conceivable. Things like:

  • Reading out loud
  • Teach nursery rhymes and songs
  • Name and identify body parts, household items, people, animals and so on
  • Explore new things and places
  • Explain consequences like hot and cold
  • Color, paint or play with PlayDoh and build with Legos

Truly, sky’s the limit. It takes a lot to raise a child, and even when you do all you can to install wall socket protectors, block off stairs, baby proof corners in the kitchen and livingroom, your little one is going to stub their toes, scrape their knees and probably break a bone or two – especially if you have boys! No one does parenting perfectly, and you are will get blamed for messing up their life when they are teenagers, anyway.

In the meantime, something as simple as toddler moccasins can be a good start for them.