Day to Night Outfits

Transitioning from day to night is something every working girl has had to deal with. How do you transform your work outfit into an outfit appropriate for a night out with friends or a date? Not everyone has the time to go back home to change especially those living in big cities with traffic or working a while away from home. So there are some outfits that can easily be transitioned from day to night. Even for shoes, it could be a challenge to find the right shoes that are appropriate and comfortable for the day but dressy enough for the night. Running from work to play and everywhere in between all day long may be murder on your feet, but it doesn’t have to tax your style. Below are some outfit styles and clothing items that fit perfectly with both a day and night look.


Of the top of your head, you might think cutouts seem too racy for the day, but they are actually perfect if consider their location. Strategically placed around the neckline of a covered-up style is perfect and adds ambiance and class to your style. These peek-a-boo touches are day-to-night sexy and can be easily concealed under a blazer when needed.

Convertible Day Bag

As obvious from the name, a convertible day bag is perfect for a day to night time look. They can serve all your needs during the day and for a night out you can convert them to a nighttime appropriate shape. What’s not to love.

Slim Blazers

Slim blazers are a gem and that’s because everyone looks good in them. What’s more classically day-to-night than a go-to blazer? Throw one on to automatically dress up or down your ensemble, whether it’s with skinny jeans or a pencil skirt, they are great for a day and night look.

Leather Leggings

A pair of leggings striped in leather will convert easily between the hours and won’t get too hot as you make the rounds. They are a great item to pair with blazers or skinny blazers but you can also pair them with a nice blouse for an easy transition from day to night.

Cropped Tops

The secret to showing midriff before the sun goes down: a long skirt that only shows a hint of skin. Paired with a pencil the modest bottom keeps the abbreviated blouse from looking too daring for the day. Of course rocking a crop top to the office depends on the work environment and the industry you are in. You might want to avoid a crop top in the day if you are a lawyer and save it for the night. Doesn’t really fit well in court.

Short Suits

Shorts might seem like a casual approach, but teamed with a coordinating topper the look is so classy and chic it’s perfect for a day look and a night look as well. A short skirt suit or a pair of shorts and matching blazer.

Pencil Skirts

As mentioned earlier, pencil skirts are a classic day to night look and go well with most another day to night looks as well. A crisp, classic skirt defines chameleon dressing: sexy and sophisticated, night and day.

Printed Pants

A true day-to-night staple, these patterned styles are on-trend all day. They make a statement worn with flats for running errands, but throw on a pair of hot heels for the night time. They can be tricky to pull off at night if the prints are too bright or daytime like so stick with dark prints or dark flora colors.

Motorcycle Jackets

Toughen up your little black dress for day or add some edge to a collared look with a touch of leather. This look is edgy and perfect for both day and night.

Jeweled Collars

Sometimes, sparkles are all the jewelry you need, whether attached to a bright sheath dress or a long sleeved shirt they are a great day to night look.

Day to Night Outfits When Traveling

Day-to-night style doesn’t always have to fit into the context of dashing from the office to happy hour. While traveling, exploring the nightlife of a new city can be exceptionally fun, but packing for it tends to be a bit of a hackle. Mastering the art of packing is a challenge in itself and having to pack for a night out without overpacking can be a challenge.  So, while you’re preoccupied with figuring out what to wear on the plane, or for your daily plans and excursions, it’s easy to totally forget about what you’ll wish you had to wear after dark. What’s the solution? Pack outfits that easily transition from day to night for an easier traveling and airport experience.

Unless you’re traveling with more than a carry-on, there’s no need to do a total outfit change post-sunset. This is where you can rely on pieces that pull double-duty or easily take a daytime look into evening, like a leather biker jacket. This season’s focus on metallic fabrics, silks, lace, and accordion pleats are great because they pack with little wrinkling and can mix and match into a few different looks.

Especially as the holiday travel season approaches, some of the fall’s key pieces are perfect for taking you from dinner with the family to the bar with friends in just a few minutes’ time.

Now you have tips on how to create the perfect night to day outfit go on and strut your stuff.